First Vape Kit is the most versatile way to vape a variety of tobacco, herbs, oils, and concentrates. Our unique nozzle design utilizes the heating element from a heat gun to produce high-quality vapors like you’ve never seen before. We recommend a variable temperature heat gun with an LCD screen for the best results.


Our patent-pending handle and bag-clip design make the filling, handling and passing of vapor filled balloons  effortless. Want an even smoother hit? Use the included water pipe fitting to connect a vapor filled bag for a refreshing inhale.


First Vape Kit is confident in the value of our products. Proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸 and with materials to withstand the test of time-- First Vape Kit offers a quality vaping experience to both first timers and vape enthusiasts.


What’s Different about First Vape Kit?

Many vaping products use plastic parts that are prone to sticky buildup, or glass parts that can easily break, but our quality stainless steel vapor pathway is easy to clean and sanitize and won’t shatter if dropped. Our built-in mouthpiece and unique handle design are perfect for endless use, unlike many vaporizers that have disposable mouthpieces. First Vape Kit also allows you more convenience with the ability to use a variety of vape bag/balloon styles including those oven-safe bags available in the grocery stores. Bag refills can also be purchased at our website.


First Vape Kit is designed to last a lifetime. While many vaporizing devices use internal heating elements, when these fail, the unit becomes useless. First Vape Kit can be used on nearly any variable temperature heat gun available at your local hardware store.

First Vape Kit offers unique experiences with a water pipe attachment and a variety of tips and tricks to get the most from your vaping experience--check us out on Instagram and YouTube.


Our products are intended for tobacco use only.

You must be 18 years or older to browse this website and purchase products.

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